• League games will take place at Kite Beach by Meraas, Dubai and the schedule will be available on the Esperia website.

  • 4vs4 each team must field at least 1 female player, and at least 1 male player.

  • Max 16 teams per category.

  • The league consists of 5 individual tournaments.

  • After the tournament each player will be granted points according to the table. 

    • 1st - 8 points 

    • 2nd - 6 points 

    • 3rd - 4 points 

    • 4th - 2 points 

    • 5th-8th - 1 point

    • 9th-16th - 0 points

  • The points will be accumulated throughout the whole league.

  • The rankings from previous tournaments of the same category will be used to define the seeded teams and arrange them in pools.

  • There will be a Final Tournament in each category with 4 best ranked teams.

  • Any team subscribed for the whole league is allowed to replace 1 player in case of 2v2 and 2 players in case of 4v4 between the tournaments in case of their proven unavailability to participate in the tournament.

  • Only players participated in at least 2 tournaments in the same team are allowed to participate in the Final Tournament


  • 4 groups of 16 teams in total

  • Round Robin Pool Play, where each team will play the other 3 teams from their group.

  • Playoffs: Quarterfinals,Semifinals, Third Place, and Final.

  • Timeout: 1 per team per set 30 sec.

  • Court switches: once the winning team reaches 11 points.

  • Games will be on Friday 8 AM to 6:30 PM

  • Games must start on scheduled timing. If a team is more than 5 minutes late, they forfeit the match.


  • Medals for the winning teams

  • First place 2v2 - 1000 AED

  • First place 4v4 - 1600 AED

  • Second and third places - vouchers

  • T-shirts to all participants





  • 150 AED per person for 1 Tournament

  • 120 AED per person per Tournament  (if participating in the full league).


  • 8 m x 8 m


  • Female - 2.24 m

  • Men - 2.43 m

  • Mixed 2v2 - 2.35 m

  • Mixed 4v4 - 2.43 m



  • 2 Points awarded for a victory in the Round robin stage

  • 0 Points awarded to the team that loses

Where 2 teams finish on the same amount of points, final position in the group will be decided based on two factors:      

  • The point difference scored in all matches.

  • The head-to-head record of those two teams.


  • Games in the Round Robin stage will be played 1 set capped at 21 points (no deuce).

  • Games in quarterfinals and semifinals will be played 1 set capped at 21 points (no deuce).

  • The medal matches will be played best of 3 sets (with deuce). 


  • During the 2v2 games the ball may NOT be received with a volley (using fingers), only a pass or with a bump from any other part of the body including an open hand. Receiving with a volley is a foul!

  • Stepping on or over the line on a serve.

  • Hitting the ball illegally (Carrying, Palming, Throwing, etc.).

  • Failure to serve in the correct rotational order.

  • Contact with the net by a player is a fault.

  • If the ball is driven into the net with such force that it causes the net to contact

  • an opposing player, no foul will be called and the ball shall continue to be in play.

  • Reaching over the net is illegal except under these conditions 

    • When executing a follow-through 

    • When blocking a ball which is in the opponents’ court but is being returned (the blocker must not contact the ball until after the opponent who is attempting to return the ball makes contact).

  • Reaches under the net (if it interferes with the ball or opposing player).



Team Contacts– Ideal sequence of hits is traditionally referred to as the bump, set and spike.

  • Each team has 3 contacts max to return the ball to the opposing team

  • No player can touch the ball twice in a row except during or after blocking the team’s first contact

  • Blocking counts as one of the team’s three contacts in game 2v2

  • Blocking doesn’t count as one of the team’s three contacts in game 4v4

  • After the block any player can make the first contact with the ball


Assisted Hit–Players cannot help teammates reach the ball.

However, a player about to commit a fault can be stopped or held back by a teammate.



Players can touch the ball with any part of the body. The ball cannot be held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown.


Few words about Set – Usually the second of the three allotted contacts, this strike uses fingertips, not hands, to direct the ball upward.

  • Gives the last striker time to accurately spot the ball before attacking

  • Ball can be set anywhere in team’s court

  • Ball must be contacted with two hands at the same time

  • Ball cannot visibly stop

  • Any ball set back intentionally over the net must be square with the player’s shoulders, i.e. the ball must be directly in front or directly behind the player. Side setting over the net is illegal. A set that drifts over the net is considered unintentional and therefore legal


If contacting the ball with one hand it must be cleanly hit with: The back of the hand from the wrist to the knuckles, or the heel of the palm of the hand (roll shot)

1-Handed placement of redirection of the ball with the fingers (a dink/knuckle strike or open hand tip) is a fault.


There are two objectives for this tournament; first is to have fun, and the second is to bring the volleyball community of Dubai together, to celebrate the possibility to play again the sport of volleyball.

It is of course a competitive environment and we expect players to fight for every point! However, there’s a balance to be found and players should not behave badly or cheat. So, with that in mind, the spirit of fair-play and good sportsmanship on the day is paramount. Players will be expected to conduct themselves in a good way, respectful to their opponents and play the game with integrity.

If a player or a team uses abusive language or over aggressive behavior towards any opposing player, they will receive either a yellow or red card by the League Manager.

1 yellow card is a warning, 2 yellow cards in one game is a sending off. Receiving a red card is an immediate dismissal.


Good luck to all teams!

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