Esperia Volleyball Academy is committed to implement the following Health and safety guidelines​ provided by authorities:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and facilities used by coaches and students with products authorized by Dubai Municipality

  • Complying with the 2-metre physical distancing rule.

  • Monitoring the number of people present during the class to prevent over-crowding.

  • Ensuring all employees, including coaches and admin staff, have suitable protection against Covid-19 infection, including access to a medical practitioner and protective equipment.

  • Checking temperature: At the arrival at the venue, Esperia Staff will check players temperature

  • Wearing Mask: All athletes/visitors/members must wear a face mask at all times and while engaged in light or moderate physical activity, but it can be lowered/removed while engaged in strenuous physical exercise.

  • Booking is mandatory, walk-in will not be allowed

  • Only people on the booking list, with a temperature lower than 37.5 and wearing a mask will be allowed in. 

  • Disinfecting and hand sanitizer products will be always  available  and accessible during the sessions


  • Allowing matches for public for people from the same group 

  • Groups playing/practicing sports are capped to (10) people from the same group.

  • Matches/Practicing sports maximum allowed time is (60) minutes.

  • Promote smart channels for registration and payment.

  • Playing/practicing sports protocols include each participant to sign electronically “waiver and release of liability form” that the participants have no chronic diseases, respiratory illnesses and covid19, releasing the responsibility for the venue toward any of the mentioned diseases in case it shows during practice.

  • No spectators or accompanying persons allowed.

  • To perform temperature screening for all participants before engaging with the activity, and not allowing any participants who is showing symptoms of the mentioned diseases.

  • Sanitization of the courts, related equipment minimum every hour after each use.

  • The pinnies jersey are not allowed to be used

  • Refrain from spitting on the courts

  • Promote the use of face masks while going into/out from the venue at all times, and face masks can be lowered once engaged with the activity.

  • Refrain from celebrating or hugging or any form of proximity between players e.g (scoring a goal, etc..)

  • Changing rooms, Lockers and showers are allowed, ensuring that these facilities are cleaned and sanitized regularly after use minimum every hour after each use.

  • No towel to be provided [Customers to bring their own towel]

  • Preparing a full detailed list on a daily basis of the participants and their basic details, time visits, and sport played.

  • Adhering to the preventive and precautious measure issued by the government/official authorities in the emirate of Dubai.

Waiver and release of liability form

I declare that I am and must continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in Volleyball activities. I have no chronic diseases, respiratory illnesses and covid19. I am not and must not be a danger to myself or to the health and safety of others. I will immediately notify Esperia Volleyball Academy of any change to my fitness and ability to participate. I understand and accept that Esperia Volleyball Academy will continue to rely upon this declaration as evidence of my fitness and ability to participate. I release the responsibility for the venue and for Esperia Volleyball Academy toward any of the mentioned diseases in case it shows during practice. 

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